Problems setting up Metagrid

Hi, apologies mods if this is better off in the hardware/studio setup section, it’s just that there’s been a recent thread in here about metagrid, I don’t know how many of the participants read the hardware section and I need help :slight_smile:

OK, I’ve got my new to me Ipad Air 2.

I’ve bought Metagrid.

I’ve read/watched the tutorials, and am a little confused.

I’ve downloaded Metaserver and worked out I also need to download Loopmidi.
I’ve created two ports in loop midi, calling one “Metasystem” and the other “Metasystem_Cubase”

Watching the Metagrid Cubase Pro install vid, he creates a Generic Remote, imports Metasystem.xml, then,

in the midi input pull down he selects “Metasystem-Cubase-in”
in the midi output, selects “Metasystem-Cubase-out”

So I presume I simply select “Metasystem_Cubase” under both sections, OR did he create 3 devices in loopmanager, one for “Metasystem-Cubase-in”, one for “metasystem-Cubase-out” and one for “metasystem” rather than the two I created?.

Again for the Midiport setup, he has seperate named ports for Cubase in and out and disables Cubaase-in, I have the same name under both.

Do I also repeat the process setting up Generic Remote2 and Generic Remote3 using same ports and importing the “Metasystem_Cubase9” and “Metasystem_macros”?

I want to get this right as it’s a rebuilt (format, full install of win10 etc) PC and I want to do an image backup once my software all setup correctly (I did do one before I started installing this, just in case)

On a similar note as I’m new to the ipad, would be nice to get an x/y controller for Halion, any recommendations?

Many many thanks

That is all correct.

I’m not sure what you mean by loopmanager? With Loopmidi you need to create your ports…one for metasystem midi messages and a 2nd port for your DAW which you said you did above…but that is done in Loopmidi…not Cubase.

Yes. Generic Remote 1 and 2 is necessary, and uncheck the checkbox in IN ALL MIDI INPUTS column that correspond to METASYSTEM-CUBASE IN. Trust me, if you don’t do this it will only partially work if at all. I speak from experience. Generic Remote 3 is necessary if you want to take advantage of the additional features using Cubase Logical Editor and all the macros. Create a 3rd generic remote then import the file “metasystem_macros.xlm” into Cubase. Then start assigning the macros.

No worries about not getting it right because if it isn’t…you will know soon enough. Then once you are confident things are going right in a few days you can do an image back up.

Since Metagrid works with other applications not just all DAWs you might want to ask future questions on facebook or at VI Control DAW forum where the developer replies directly and frequently with users.

Many many thanks. I meant loopmidi, not sure why I typed loopmanager :slight_smile: