problems setting up zoom h2 as a mic to record

hi guys.

i’m looking to record in cubase le 4 using my zoom h2. i have used cubase le before with my tc electronic konnekt 6 daw so i am somewhat familiar with everything but i would like to use the h2 as an input mic and am having trouble getting it set up in cubase.

i have downloaded the latest zoom asio driver from zoom. i have the zoom connected to my windows vista pc via usb, zoom is set up correctly to transmit data and the zoom itself shows that it is picking up noise.

i have been back and forth in vst settings and cannot get it set up correctly to get a signal. cubase does not show that it is getting anything from the h2. the mixer should show me tapping on the mic, recording should pic up some noise, but there is nothing. i’ve selected the ‘zoom asio’ under ‘vst audio system.’ i need to know the correct settings in ‘vst system link’ and ‘vst connections’. currently ‘device port’ shows ‘h2 audio in 1’ for the left and ‘h2 audio in 2’ for the right.

any help you can give me is greatly appreciated, thanks much ! :smiley:

Did you enable the monitor button on the audio track?

there is nothing to hear. no waveform is shown, the line is flat, nothing is recording.

And that means what, regarding mahedmitten´s question? Yes or no?

Why are you using this? :confused:

There’s a Getting Started part of the Manual. It has an audio section. Go through it and post where it goes wrong.

there was no waveform, nothing recorded…so monitor button on or off would have no effect either way, right ? (it didn’t)

i asked about ‘vst system link’ because i wasn’t sure if something needed to be set there.

it turned out to be a latency issue. i changed the latency by going through the vst settings in cubase to the h2’s control panel.

but now i have a new problem…in my current project, signals from my already recorded tracks are ‘bleeding through’ onto new tracks. how do i put a stop to this ?