Problems synching MIDI clock with external instruments

Hello Forum. I recently upgraded to 9.5 from 7.

I’m having trouble recording via midi with external Moog Little Phatty and Korg Minilogue, connected via USB. I noticed the timing seems to drift very, very slightly when recording audio in via midi data. The recorded audio waves do not perfectly match up with the relevant midi notes in the editor. It is not just a latency issue, as the audio is pushed and pulled slightly over time. I have the most recent updates for all the hardware, Cubase, and windows 10.

I tried synching the MIDI clock out to the Korg Minilogue (sound) in the transport>project synchronization menu. This did not seem to fix the issue, and also led to the minilogue’s sequencer being activated after pressing play in the project! I tried the same with the Little Phatty, again it didn’t appear to fix the timing issue, but there were no other unwanted side effects.

Am I missing anything obvious? Is it normal? If anyone has any ideas or input, please let me know.

Thanks in advance.

I’m using Windows 10, and a newly purchased Steinberg UR RT4 interface

Hi and welcome,

Isn’t it linked with the USB>MIDI Jitter?

Hello Martin,

I’ve been using Cubase for 10 years and never had this problem, nor had I heard of USB- MIDI jitter. But having searched it online now, and since I have recently changed audio interface, it does indeed seem that this is the likely problem. I will try some of the work throughs I have found and see if it helps, starting with the use system timestamp option.

Thanks, I thought I was going crazy when recording parts!

Lower your buffer then report back