Problems to register Cubase 10 Elements

Hi there!
A few years ago, I acquired a Yamaha product and with that product a license for Cubase AI5. Now, I could upgrade to Cubase 10 elements for a lower price than the total. I already made the purchase, but I can’t use Cubase because e-license tells me that there is no license to improve. And that is because I changed my computer a long time ago and did not reinstall Cubase AI 5, I don’t even have the installers anymore. I don’t understand what I must do to activate the software. If anyone can help me, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Hi and welcome,

You don’t have to install Cubase AI 5 again. After computer change, you have to reactivate your Cubase AI 5 license to this new computer. You can do so in your MySteinberg account.

Then you can activate your upgrade.