Problems transferring licenses back from e-licenser to soft

Hi , i am writing to seek advice on my steinberg products i downloaded. I downloaded 2 sequel sets and a Neo Soul Sound set. After i ordered paid, and completed the downloaded, i stupidly moved these programs (drag and drop) over to my USB licenser. Cubase did not like this, as it couldn’t pick up where the programs were.
Don’t know why, -the USB elicensor is plugged into computer.??
Anyways, so now i cannot get them back over to the main drive. Ive tried looking for a wizard to help, I even tried to open the downloads to re-install them thinking that i would solve problem,however downloads require activations keys, and ive already used the 1 time activation key when downloading them the fist instance. I actually thought, ok well goto steinberg and get a reactivation- they wouldnt give one as it recognises that the product is on the USB e-licenser already.

what do i do now?
Thanks rpgun1

You can’ t transfer licenses back from USB- to soft eLicenser