Problems using Koala auv3 in Cubasis 3.5

Greetings! I’ve run into a problem using Koala auv3 in Cubasis.

For the first time, I’m trying to use Koala as an auv3 in Cubasis 3.5 to record a drum track on my 2017 iPad Pro 12.9" running iPadOS15.7.1.

I started by creating a MIDI track on track 1 and assigning Koala to it as an auv3. I then went and loaded up my drum samples (saved as a song) in the Koala auv3 and assigned each pad to its own MIDI channel.

Then I went back to track 1 and on the left side where it says Koala Sampler (below “Routing” and above “Insert Effects”), I clicked “Add 7 Tracks”.

So I went to track 1, turned on record and tapped out my beat on Koala auv3’s pads. Everything great.

But after recording, when I went to play it back and listen, I heard nothing but little blips…kind of like a clipping sound in place of the kick and snare I’m supposed to be hearing.

Also, I did not have any tracks muted. I cannot figure out how to get my Koala tracks to be audible.

I don’t know what to do. I scoured YouTube and couldn’t find an answer or solution. Can anyone help?

Problem solved! Someone from another forum said I needed to make the samples one shots in Koala. I did that and it solved the issue. The “blips” I was hearing were the beginning of the samples. They needed to be one shots to play out for the durations of the hits.

Hi @King_Drew,

Thanks for the update!
We are glad to read that you’ve been able to resolve the Koala issue yourself.