Problems when changing the Clock Source

Hey all, I was wondering if anyone here would be able to enlighten me on a problem I am having when changing the clock source.

I am running:
Software: Cubase 6.5.3
On the following system:
MBP 17 w: 2.3GHz i7/16GB RAM/1 x 256GB SSD & 1 x 512GB HDD
Prism Sound Orpheus FW Ext Sound Card

I started a project some time ago and had the Clock Source set to ‘Mac’ while it was created. I have decided - after reading recommendations to run with the internal soundcard clock - to switch over to the Internal clock within the Orpheus, though as soon as I do this the project is unable to play back correctly. Audio sounds ‘stuttery’ (as if there were constant ASIO spiking issues).

Once a project is created using a certain Clock Source does it mean I am then unable to switch to a different source while working on that project? Furthermore, if that is the case, is there any simple way to port all of the information from that session into a new one using a different clock source?


No. Clock source should always be changeable without any effect on the project. I don’t know anything about Mac, but if it were PC I’d suspect the firewire - computer interface and anything that it entails, including drivers.

I haven’t personally run into this situation, but I saw a thread similar to this situation somewhere in the last couple of days…

The upshot was that you can’t change the clock source “on the fly”. The solution was to open the DAW (with no project open), change the clock source, then close your DAW, reopen it, and then open your project.

Again, this is something I have no personal knowledge of…it’s just something I read. It’s worth a try, but YMMV…

MrMeshuggah, I’m having this exact same problem (except I’m using Cubase 5.5). This is really bizarre. For the life of me, I can’t understand how the Orpheus Clock Source works with Cubase.

Cubase also seems to produce inconsistent results when it comes to listing the different Clock Sources for the Orpheus.

What’s even more concerning is the pops / clicks as you described. I’m getting those as well.

Did you ever find a solution to this issue?