problems when dragging files into a project

dear steinbergee’s,

i had a very strange problem today with NU8 trying to import (dragging) audio-files straight into a timeline.
the files were 24/44.1 waves, generated in ableton live, some mono, some stereo.
result of the first import: fullscale noise on all tracks, very well visible in the waveforms also.
i did import the exact same files in NU7, everything normal.
back to NU8, same problem.

did my today’s mix in NU7, then went on to give NU8 a new shot: files imported, sounded normal this time (!), but the waveforms didn’t correspond in any way to what i heard - means that the waveforms did not reflect the audio at all, everything seems to be mixed up between the source files and their actual visual representations.
i could import other files of various formats in NU8 without problems - just this little collection not.

gives what?
i cannot remember having experienced that in any NU-version ever before…