Problems when I copy/paste a midi containers or duplicate midi tracks


In my session, since a bunch of days, I have this problem : when I duplicate a midi track, or copy/paste a midi container in other track, as soon as I modify one of the containers, the other is also modified, as if they where linked. Auomation, lenght… The only solution I found is to not put the container I just copied exactly at the same place in the time or to stretch/shorten it. If I don’t do this just after having copied it, it’s too late, the two containers are linked. When I select one, the other is also selected
I have a similar problem when I open the midi editor : sometimes when I just want to open the midi editor of one track, I have many tracks in the same midi editor (yet only one track is selected!). It’s terrible, I can’t work.
I didn’t have this problem before…

Any idea ?


Shared copies? Or did you group the events?

Thank you,

I use neither of these two methods. For example, I simply select a midi container, hold down the ALT-button (on PC) and move the audio container duplicated to another track. Maybe in the preferencies, something generating groups events automatically is checked ?
I don’t have this problem when I duplicate containers in the same track. Apparently, the problem appears when the two containers are in the same beat of the grid. The same when I duplicate a whole track.