PROBLEMS when I playback video, PLEASE Help!

in order to buy it or not, I’m testing Nuendo 10 for 60 days…mainly for video post-production.
Everything until now is ok, nice interface, intuitive…but I found a big problem when I play video. I’m using a H264 video into 24bits/48khz project. When I open the project from the first time it seems ok, but as time goes by video playback is not smooth, pulling a lot of times…
System performance overloads when this happend, but I think Im not using enough processes to overload. In fact I used to work with premiere an AE, using a lot of process from the computer without any problems

Im running Nuendo on a Mac Os High Sierra:
i7 3930K (3,2 GHz 6-Core /12 threads)
Graphic Cards: GTX 680 OC and TESLA K40c
SSD 512 GB Samsung Pro
SoundCard: RME UCX


Have a look here.

Hello Bezax,

Have you tried deactivating “Show Thumbnails” option on the video track? Also, H264 is not the best solution to work with as it’s being decoded during playback, which sometimes can be a problem for CPU. Try converting picture to .mov container, motion JPEG compression - it is a bit larger file, but works seamlessly.

Try lowering the H264 bitrate, that always works for me, or, as someone said above, convert the video to .mov, be aware that the file will be substantially larger.

Yes, I simply imported videos from my iPhone (1080p – 16405 kbps bitrates) in a 48KHz/32-bit project and the progressively get more clicky and drop-outy with repeated plays.

I’m on a somewhat old Win7 machine, but it has the top quadcore processor and a Lynx2 soundcard. Video card is just an NVidia GT430. But again, it plays fine about three times, then gets worse.