Problems when quitting the Cubase program on Windows

I thought that Steinberg were fixing the launch center on Windows before 13.0.20. But I’m still finding Cubase’s quit behaviour odd. Why do we need the web based launch centre? I finish a session, press control S; wait a bit, press control Q; wait a bit and shut down the computer- it will throw up a nag screen because Cubase is still running. This has been dodgy for so long on Windows. When will it be fixed?

When did you last bring this up? And if you have, why not link to the previous thread or bump it? It’s hard to decipher your problem without more information… like which OS version?

I’m not having your problem.

What would this be?

I guess that it’s the Cubase Hub , visible when closing the last remaining project.

Me too. I suspect “web based” refers to having links shown in the Window. But the Hub is just a regular Windows Window. It is what you’ll see when Cubase is open, but no Projects are open.

“Web based” sometimes just means that something is coded with HTML/CSS/JavaScript, even if it doesn’t actually need an Internet connection.

For developers it’s attractive, because it’s a way to target multiple platforms relatively reliably.

But it implies that there’s a browser engine running to power that window, which can occupy quite a bit of computing power (RAM, CPU).

And on resource constrained systems, that can be annoying.

In Cubase 13 it became impossible to turn off the hub, so that added mandatory resource consumption quite unrelated to using Cubase for making music.

Arguably a philosophical mistake by Steinberg. Not the first and not the last. :crazy_face:

But like with pretty much any provider of hardware and software most of us long term users resign ourselves to take some bad along with the good. :person_shrugging:

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I’ve used Cubase since vs2. I’d say generally vs 13 is excellent to work with. Colours and graphics don’t bother me at all when I’m working. But I dislike the hub intensely and I should be able to work without it. It takes up space where I want to see directories. It may well be plugins unloading incorrectly but I’m a professional and they are common subscription based plugins. I didn’t have this problem in vs 11. Often F4 or Control Q does nothing and I need to click on Quit Cubase. Adobe persist with this rubbish too it should always be an option.

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That’s why you’re quitting Cubase?

Weird dude.

I think you misread the original post.

It’s not about quitting to be a Cubase user, but about the mechanics of quitting the Cubase application when no projects are open. i.e. - the Cubase Quit command.


Quit Cubase - lol. It’s practically in my brain synapses by now. For better or worse it’s my DAW of choice. Anyway - I turned off the web feed in the Hub and it just quit normally - Control S (pause) Control Q. Same song. Same plug-ins. Has anyone else experienced a cleaner exit from the program without web content?

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That’s what I do - or just:

Enter (to confirm dialog: “do you want to save …”)

I didn’t know this is possible. Where do you disable it?

There’s a checkbox to turn off the news feed.

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