Problems when using "Divide Track List"

It’s a top notch feature for me so that I use it in every project but there are a few glitches. Let’s say the track divider splits the project into a scrollable lower part and a frozen upper part containing all the utility tracks like markers and chords.

1.) When I mark an event in the lower part and set a color, I often “overpaint” a part in the upper project view that I must have marked any time before but forgot. The same problem vice versa.

2.) When I want to move the whole project a few beats backward or forward, I go to any track in the project window and use the “mark everything” function. But when I move “everything”, I can move either the whole upper part or the whole lower part but never both parts together.

3.) I often unintentionally move tracks in the upper part or change the sizes, so it seems I can’t exactly lock the upper part. I would like to have an option to really lock the upper part, let’s say to always keep this part set to four tracks with a size of two lines each. In the rare circumstance that I need to change something, I can unlock it, do the change, re-lock it and keep it untouched for the next decade.


You have to be careful with the focused part. You can find it out by the focus white frame. If the focus line is full, then part is in focus. If the line is doted, the part is not in focus. So if you can see full line in the upper part, all operations you do are referring to the upper part tracks. And vice versa.

Use the Cut Time and Insert Silence functions from the Edit > Range menu, please.

Do you use the track lock function?

Yes, all have the lock buttons turned ON … but I can still resize the tracks and scroll them so that the track on the very top is hidden. And the items change their colors when I set a color in the part beyond the track divider.
For example:
The Chords track is locked, I use four chords (C, D, F, G) in the song and each C has the color yellow. Now I set the color of an audio event in the lower part to green. And unintentionally one of my C’s also turns green because it was marked.
I hope you can follow me…


I will retest this. If it behaves like this then it’s a bug.

I noticed this behaviour in all the projects that I have used recently.
If the enabled lock function should prevent the items (events/parts) of a track from changing the color, then the function doesn’t work at all.


When I lock any track, the colors of the Parts/Events in the track is not locked and I can change the color of any Part/Event in the locked track. The same applies for the Chord track.

There is no lock, which prevents the color change in Cubase.