Problems while rendering file

Hi guys,

I’ve been trying to render a file for a couple of days now. I’m working with a small 1min clip and just want to clean the background noise. It seems to be pretty clean when i’m working with the file but after a render it isn’t as clean as it was before and it’s much louder than before as well. I could figure out what’s the problem yet, but i think it as something to to with some of the plugins.

by the way, the plugin chain is:
Steinberg DeNoiser
Sonnox DeNoiser
Steinberg StudioEQ
Steinberg Compressor


Wild but not so wild guess here

Denoiser a 2 bring the noise level down
the EQ and/together with Compressor will bring up the noise again,
it should sound the same playback and now Render !
What final audio format when Render ?

regards S-EH

I render it in .wav 24/96.

Well, the equalizer is there with just a highpass filter and the compressor has a very light ratio (2:1) just to smooth the picks, so the problem isn’t from there. The problem is i have a great result while i’m working in the audio sample but after a render it just sounds completly different.

And of course, you bypass the master section, to listen to the rendered file?

Yes the master section is bypassed after the file be rendered