Problems with 9.0.20 MIDI Tempo Detect

Hi -

Can someone point out what I’m doing wrong please?

  1. Select MIDI piano part that was played without a click (it is a fairly steady rhythm at about 85-90 BPM but not metronome steady, and with a lot of transients that should otherwise make it “easily beat-detected”). It is 10 seconds long (greater than the 7 second minimum).
  2. Project > Tempo Detection
  3. Click analyze in the Tempo Detection Panel.

Result: No change to the Tempo Track - it is set at a flat 120 BPM (not the tempo of the song at all, which is about 86-90 BPM).

Why isn’t the tempo track being changed?

Thanks for any help!

I replayed a MIDI part, but this time also recorded the audio out of the keyboard. I did a Tempo Detect on the audio, and it was successful. I control Z’d to erase that, then I did a Tempo Detect on the MIDI — this time it was successful.

Don’t know why it worked this time … the length of the piece was considerably longer than the 8 seconds of the first run through, maybe that was the problem.

Anyway, it seems to work for now, will post back if problems.

Thanks -


Is the Tempo Track enabled, before you start the Tempo Detection of the MIDI Part?

Yes, thank you Martin. It’s an intermittent issue somehow.

I wonder if it is related to the several large tempo changes in the project that are too much for Cubase to process in one application.

I’ve been running tempo detect, seeing where it stops, splitting the project there, then selecting the right segment that results - then applying tempo detect to only that selected section. I then repeat this to the end of the project.

I can’t figure out why this doesn’t work consistently, since I’m applying it to only one MIDI section at a time.

As part of trying to learn more I’ve clicked the reanalyze button (at the bottom), which has no effect. That makes sense because when it doesn’t apply a tempo detect, the history window shows no trace of tempo detect.

Any suggestions, anyone?

So I guess I’ll ask … how are people dealing with MIDI Tempo Detect when the tempo changes so much that Tempo Detect fails (for example, at a pause, or a change between song sections).

Does breaking up the project and selecting each MIDI part in turn do the trick for you?

I have the same problem. Tempo detect stops the tempo track when the tempo varies too much.

There’s one feature of the Tempo Detection which I don’t think Steinberg have really highlighted, but it’s the key to getting a good tempo match:

When the Tempo Detection window is open and you have analysed the audio, you can drag barlines and Cubase will re-analyse from where you’ve edited. So, in effect you assist Cubase by correcting bad tempo matches and it has another go.

So, leave the Tempo Detection window open after you’ve analysed… You will notice that you are in TimeWarp mode, but it’s still also in TempoDetect mode too, so make a manual adjustment where Cubase has got the barline position incorrect by dragging it to the correct positions. And as you adjust the barline Cubase will have another go from where you just edited and try to detect the rest of the tempo. In this way you can move through the audio to get the tempo map spot on. When you’ve finished, close the Tempo Detection window.

It’s doesn’t always work but it certainly helps.


The trick is to move the tempo and signature track above the midi track you are trying to analyze.


Do I understand you right, the Tempo Detection doesn’t work if the MIDI Track (is the same for Audio) is above the Tempo and Signature track, the Tempo Detection doesn’t work, but if you move the Tempo and Signature track above the MIDI/Audio track, then it works?