Problems with "Add-on Switches"

Dorico 4.031 / Windows 10
In contrast to “Base Switches”:
my “add-on switches” in my “expression maps” unfortunately no longer send any “key switches” to the instrument, although they are displayed correctly in the expression lane in the key editor. They therefore remain ineffective for playback.
They also ignore their active/inactive status.
I would first like to know if anyone else is having this problem?


Dorico 4.0.31 Windows 10 also. No change in behaviour of “add-on” switches here. Is this definitely new in the latest Dorico version?

What sample library are you using? What technique is the add-on for?

You’re sure the key switch is the correct one? It can be difficult to know the correct octave, depending on whether Middle C is C3 or C4.

Can you test the Add-on by setting it to something super obvious e.g. a Key switch that actually plays a note, or zero Volume, etc?

Thanks, I dont no any more when it works for me the last time - its a longer time ago.
But, how I wrote in my post, it works with the Base Switches - so I would only first like to know if anyone else is having this problem with the Add-on’s?

I’m experienced in handling expressionmaps - if it works for ‘dko22’ then it’s probably my fault - can’t believe it.

Have been working with expression map with add-ons, no change noticed

Thank you dko22 and patrom !
I guess I need a little distance - let’s see - make music first…

So I looked into the matter and was able to solve my functional problems.
I think it makes sense to note what caused my confusion:

  1. Unfortunately, the tone generation when clicking on a note to check the hearing in write mode follows not the selection conditions entered in the X-Map for this technique -
    it seems that the sound of the first entry is always playing.

  2. Unfortunately, the Listen-Control-Play button in the expressionmap dialog does not play Add-ons Switches.

Thanks to everyone who took care.

3. Add-on switches are also not played when clicking on the note in write mode as far as I can tell - they only play correctly during ongoing playback.
If you don’t know, this is very irritating when creating a map.

I use add-ons switches to easily call up special samples such as falls, triple, double - i.e. repetitions or dynamics - within areas such as legato and/or vibrato, expressivo.

I want to apologize for my English.