Problems with Akai LPD8 USB Pad and Groove Agent SE


Can anyone help me ? I ve chained Cubase 8 Elements Groove Agent with my USB Akai LPD 8 Pad - it did work for some time and suddenly stopped - I am going through all settings and can not find out what is wrong.

It s basically not responding as midi although it s chosen as an input in the channel - that was what made it work at the beginning - but now it stopped.

As Cubase beginner I might have changed some setting and turn off midi respond some how . Pads seem to work when mouse-clicked , numbers seem OK - they correspond with Akai software - PAD 1 - number 36 etc etc

Perhaps someone had same problem and knows how to set it back again - I suppose it may be quite the same with other USB PAD and midi devices so any tip will push me forward

thanks / Przemek

I may reply myself and that may be useful for someone in the future - I just uninstalled Akai software - it s not necessary as the Pad works with out it and the problem is gone - it s all working fine with cubase . Seems there was some conflict on the software level there.