problems with all midi controllers

hello. my name is gennaro from italy. sorry for bad english
yesterday I was playing with Artiphon Instrument 1 connected to Cubase. Everything worked perfectly. Then it occurred to me to connect the maudio keystation 61. From then on, I am no longer able to use either controller. Cubase sees them. In the midi doors configuration window, the inputs are all active and the “visible” column is fully checked. The output tells me not active, although it is checked, but it seems to me that it is normal, and in any case there is no way to change it.
anyway I haven’t touched any configuration, before it stopped working. I just turned on the keystation and since then there has been no way to restore operation.
I also tried to update my cubase 9.5 to version 9.550. nothing. I also tried reinstalling artiphone. nothing.

I am attaching screenshots of the midi doors window, when I connect only artiphon.

Hi and welcome,

The output becomes active once you use it in any MIDI track as an output.

Hello, thanks for the reply. it’s true. however if I use a vst, the output that the midi track selects is that of the vst.