Problems with Audio Montage functions


looking through the Forum, I can see that Wavelab 10 (both Pro and Elements) has a great variety of bugs. The recent update supposedly fixes only the missing video engine and the help documentation link.

Here are the first serious bugs that I’ve personally encountered with my recent upgrade to WL Elements 10 (I’ll only describe two, for now). I don’t think anyone else has mentioned these yet (if they have, sorry for repeating).

  1. Open an audio file. Create a new montage file from that. Now, import another audio file into the montage file. Program crashes and quits. This happens whether you try to import to the same stereo track, or to an additional stereo track. (This does not happen with Wavelab 9.5. I have tried the same actions with both programs open at the same time, and 10 crashes every time, while 9.5 performs normally and smoothly.)

If I open the second audio file (the one I want to import into the montage file) separately, and then create a montage file from that, I am able to copy the second montage file track and paste it into the track of the first montage file. But this is an unnecessary long way round. You should be able simply to import the audio file directly, just as in 9.5.

  1. Hold down control key and use scroll wheel on mouse to zoom into an edit point (e.g., you’ve set your cursor close to a marker, an you want to line up the cursor precisely with the marker to perform a split). If you try to zoom in as far as you can go, the screen will suddenly jump back to the beginning (zero point) of the track. When you zoom out again, you’ll see that your cursor is still where it was before. But zooming in to it makes the screen view jump back to the beginning of the file. Very annoying for close editing. In addition, zooming in with WL 10 is much jumpier, awkward, and difficult to control precisely, than it is with 9.5, which allows quite smooth, easy and precise zooming in.

Fortunately, I can keep using WLE 9.5 (although it no longer appears in my e-Licenser - maybe it’s covered by the WLE 10 registration?).

Yes, a license for a current Steinberg product also allows you to use earlier versions.