problems with Bias Amp in IAA

Two problems when using Bias Amp as an IAA Insert Effect (have not tried Send Effect but assume it is the same):

(1) Bias Amp will not launch from within Cubasis when selected as an IAA effect (I guess this has been known for awhile but is still annoying)

(2) Bias Amp will kill audio output from the track when switching between Cubasis and Bias using the IAA controls within each

#2 is particularly annoying because it renders the app useless…and if you’re a guitar player like me, and prefer tone to DAW functionality, you’re more likely to look for another DAW than look for another amp sim.

Hi erikbojerik,

I’ve dropped a note to Positivegrid and await their feedback.


BTW The above problems are on an iPad Pro iOS 9.1, Cubasis 1.9.7 and Bias 1.5.12.

I just checked on my iPad2 iOS 7.1.2, same version of Bias, Cubasis 1.9 and it all works normally including opening Bias from within Cubasis.

Hi erikbojerik,

This is support from Positive Grid.

We have received the note from Steinberg and we are looking into the problem now. It will be great if we can directly contact you on our support system, or through mails. You are always welcomed to submit a request on our site:

Or you can directly send mail to my private mail Once I receive the mail I will also ask our men to prioritize this matter. Thank you!

Best regards,
Positive Grid Support

Hi erikbojerik,

Thanks for your direct support regarding the topic.