Problems with Bracket and Barline Changes

I have two problems with Bracket and Barline Changes:

1. The same Bracket and Barline Changes in the same layout.
Look at the attached score
Test Bracket and Barline Change.dorico (562.6 KB)

On page 1 you find the score (small) with the Bracket and Barline Changes, how the customer wants them to look. On page 2 and 3 are parts of the same score as layout frames. They should look the same as the score. When I change page 2, the changes on page 1 get lost.

2. Importing Bracket and Barline Changes
When I import a flow with Bracket and Barline Changes into another project, I get a signpost for the changes, but the changes are sometimes not complete or missing. You can try and import the project above. Normally you always loose the Changes when you import the players as new players. If you try to match them with existing players, it works in a new project, but in my existing projects, I always get wrong results. Daniel, if you want to have projects to test, I can email them to you.

For issue #1, you did not have all the players assigned to the frames on pages 2 & 3, hence parts 4-6 were missing.

Also, I think the reason you need to re-do the bracketing is because you’ve started a new frame chain, so it can have different settings / appearance than the frame chain from page 1. Page one is a master frame chain, whereas pages 2&3 are layout frames. You’re dealing with apples & oranges, essentially.

I think you misunderstood my question.
The publication in general is a playing score, but some pieces are too long, that they have to be divided out of page turning reasons:
score (small)
Part 1-3 on two pages
Part 4-6 on two pages
Therefore nothing is missing.