Problems with CC11 expression and fade-ins and outs

I’ve started to experience problems using CC11 expression data in Cubasis 3.6. Neither Microsonic nor Halion instruments are responding to CC11 messages. I have SWAM saxes and they respond ok to CC11 so I’m not sure what’s going on. This seems to be a recent problem.

Also dragging the left and right top handles to create fade in or fade outs is having no effect in MIDI events. In fact dragging the left handle results in totally muting the sound. (The fade ins and outs work fine on audio events.)

Yet dragging the middle handle up and down on a MIDI event does produce the expected changes in overall volume - so some inconsistency there.

I have a 12.9 iPad Pro (4th gen) running IOS 17.1.1

Any ideas?

Hi Andrew70,
I found that if you set a fade in at the start of a note it does mute the sound completely, but by moving the note slightly to the right works ok.
The only control HALion will respond to is Automation, also if you open Automation and scroll down to the channel HALion is using, you will see a list of other parameters that can be controlled by drawing in the events using the Pencil tool, but be aware that any Animation event entered will control that particular event until a new value is entered, ie if you change the instrument for that track, the Automation event will still be active and will change the sound until it is erased.
This is taken from the Help tab in Cubasis-

MIDI Automation

MIDI parameters can be drawn and edited in the [Key Editor](file:///private/var/containers/Bundle/Application/581CCEE5-25F6-458D-B4B1-232C252E09D3/

List of automation parameters

All instrument and effect parameters can be automated, with the following exceptions:

  • Micro Sonic: Attack
  • Micro Sonic: Release
  • MiniSampler: Attack
  • MiniSampler: Release
  • The Inter-App Audio and Audiobus protocols don’t support automation.

Hi @Andrew70

You may check the “Key Editor” chapter of the Cubasis in-app help to learn more about MIDI CC support in Cubasis.

Does this help?

Best wishes,

Thank you for replying.

It clarifies the limitations on which parameters Microsonic will respond to, but I am somewhat surprised that Halion Sonic does not respond to CC11 Expression messages.

Also MIDI events using these instruments are not responding to dragging the fade in and fade out handles.

Hi @Andrew70

What about using automation for fading?


Thank you for your support, Lars.

I have already done that and am content to continue with that workflow now I know that it isn’t a bug but a limitation of the app.

Best wishes

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