Problems with chord and slash regions

Seems like a major issue, but hopefully isn’t. The score looks correct, but the part is very different. The score has no chords in this part, but they show up in the part. If I apply Create Chord Region to the part, the chords disappear, but then show up again in the score in that part. If I do the same in the score, they show up again in the part. It’s a vicious circle. How can I fix this? I suspect that I have a corrupted file, but there seems to be no way to upload the file so someone can inspect it. Any help would be appreciated, and yes, Ive read all of the instructions, but to know avail. Ive done this dozens of times with no problems, so something weir is goin on. It does not appear to be addressed in the manual.

What is the correct way to delete chord regions or slash regions? The only way I’ve figured out how to it is to re-apply the initial command which seems counter-intuitive: applying a region to delete it seems odd. As I said before, to delete a region, I have to chose create a region. Seems very odd. I need to get this solved as it is due to the client in a week.

The document is available for perusal here:

Check the settings in Setup.
(Dorico has an annoying habit of ignoring these settings if you override them by adding a chord symbol to a player, but they can be reset by reapplying them)

Done all of that multiple times.

We’re probably going to need to see a file for this one, as it seems unusual. If you can cut it down to just a couple of affected bars, we’ll take a look.

If you don’t already have them visible, turn on View / Signposts / Chord Symbols. It is possible to hide chord symbols locally in one layout, so it’s possible that explains part of it. The signposts will show if you’ve hidden some of them.

Ok, I see you added a Dropbox link. What are the affected bars? It opens with Tpt 2 in view, which seems like has the changes correct.

Wait, are you referring to the signposts themselves? The green chords?

Just unclick View / Signposts / Chord Symbols.

Yes. The sign posts show up which is what is preventing long tests, but I can’t delete them as they then are gone form the score. The question is, how do I delete a chord or slash region that was accidentally entered?

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In Write mode, you can simply click any slash or chord symbol regions that you don’t want and delete them. If you delete a signpost, you are actually deleting that chord wherever it appears. Just turn off the signposts if you don’t want to see them.


Setting up a keyboard shortcut to cycle between Hide and Show signposts is actually quite an improvement for anyone’s workflow. Those are important to understand the situation where the score is, but can be disturbing as they would not appear on the printed score and they clutter it.
My shortcut is alt-cmd-shift-H but you might as well choose any other combination that’s free and that makes sense to you.


Mine is the backtick / tilde key that’s at the upper left of a US English keyboard. I toggle the signpost visibility so often that I need something easy to hit using one hand without looking.

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That’s a very good choice. In my French keyboard layout, the top left key is used for “hide invisibles” and I did not want to change it…