Problems with colors in Preferences

There are 2 problems in Cubase 10 with the color selected in preferences.

PROBLEM 1 - Colors are not saved with the presets of preferences.
I mean that:
step 1- you select green faders and save all preferences in one preset called “pref1”
step 2 - you change color of faders to blue
step 3 - you select preset “pref1” to go back to the green faders
step 4 - faders are still red

PROBLEM 2 - Colors disappear. When I was changing the colors and saving presets,the colors of all faders and channels, etc. turns transparent. Then the faders of mix console have no color, only the edge are in grey color. This problem with transparecncy has ocurred 2 times to me.


Both are already known (here on the forum discussed) and reported issues.

Is there any update on how to save your colors with your preferences? Nothing is documented here for that and upgrading to new versions causes me to have to update all of these again across Cubase and Nuendo.


As far as I know, you can make a Cubase profile.

Do you know where that is saved because none of my color preferences carried over with the upgrade and I had to take screenshots of my old preferences? Then import them as tiny track images and then hold down command to with the color picker in the preferences because that feature only works for colors already in Cubase. I turned a jpg into a .mov and that won’t open still. Do you know where that preference file is saved?

It’s been moved to ‘Project/Colour preferences’
Caught me out the other day too, the old way was much more logical and sensible imho…

I don’t think I’ve ever spent this much time getting my custom preferences in order. I thought I had done enough of that when I switched from C5 to C9. Now I finally got things in order and then, like icing on the cake, the faders in the console turned transparent. Again. Yay. And the colors are ugly too. Yay. Have a nice weekend peeps.


Windows 7 is not supported system for Cubase 10.5. Please upgrade to sorted operating system.

Thanks, I was thinking more along the lines of a preset file.

I guess this saves with the Cubase/Nuendo project. How you tell what saves with the system and what saves with the session is beyond me. I love how Logic has made two preferences that distinguish what is saved where. This has driven me crazy with Pro Tools for years!

Hey guys, maybe here is a workaround which works for you (it did at least work for me)

Note: I reset my preferences files first like described below:

Please have in mind that resetting/deleting these files will delete all your changes made for configuration/preferences/window layouts…

You should first try the following:

  • Instead of importing customized programm settings from older Cubase versions, I created new customized programm settings
  • After that, everything is saved correctly but the customized colors were not (this is our issue)
  • So I loaded up my “Preset 1“, made color changes and saved it under a different name, “Preset 2“
  • It seems that Cubase does not accept saving color changes under an already existing preferences file name

Please feel free to try this workaround on your own if you are still willing to do so :slight_smile:

PS: You can also try to use your “old” preset, make color changes and save it under a different name. Maybe this is all you need to do.


Too many duplicates of this one post here on the forum. Better to link them, then duplicate…

It’s normal that this issue is duplicated.
There are duplicated posts because Steinberg doesn’t fix this problem after 1 year.
When Steinberg take care of this bug, users will stop talking of this problem.

The colors of my faders have turned transparent today. I checked Google for a solution…

No, still no solution.

Ok, I will spend my time in changing colors again.

I am angry with Steinberg for not solving this.


It could be normal, if the same user wouldn’t sent the very same post at 4 different places.

For me, normal is check the forum, if there has been the topic mentioned, already. If yes, you can find the answer much quicker than waiting for a respond.

This is another duplicate, already mentioned many times here on the forum (but I can’t see other very same posts here from you, therefore I wouldn’t link the duplicates; for me a duplicate is, if one user sends the very same posts multiple times to different threads).

The problem is, you are using unsupported graphic card (chipset) or driver. First make sure, you are using supported graphic card, please. Then try to update your graphic card driver. You can also try to use Windows built-in graphic card driver instead of manufacturer dedicated driver.

Hi Martin
I appreciate your opinion on the topic on duplicates. As you are Forum Elder, your point of view is relevant. Probably you are right and I am wrong. Probably I was too angry the day I wrote my post.

Regarding your recommendation of updating drivers, please could you give me more info?
I use Macbook Pro Retina mid 2015, with Mojave. My graphic card is Intel Iris Pro 1536 MB, screen of 15".
What is the supported driver that I should install?



Oh, I didn’t know you are on Mac (I recommend to write the basic system information to your signature).

As far as I remember, I have never seen this issue on Mac, it was always Windows. In this case, I would probably restart Mac (I mean really Restart, not hibernate or switch it Off and On). Maybe I would search for a macOS graphic restart (or default settings).

It’s a bug of Cubase, it’s not a problem of the configuration of my computer.