problems with Create Groove / quantize

I am using CREATE GROOVE from an audio file for the first time and trying to quantize MIDI to it.

I am having a weird thing where if I select a MIDI note and hit Q for quantize (iterative quantize is turned on to 55% or so btw), three different things may happen, seemingly at random (but always the same for any given MIDI note):

  1. the note quantizes properly to the nearest hitpoint

  2. the note doesn’t move at all, no matter how many times I hit Q

  3. the note moves AWAY from the nearest hitpoint

Is this a bug? Have I done something wrong? I can’t find any rhyme or reason to it…

When it moves in the opposite direction of the hipoint I have zoomed all the way in (and I mean ALL the way in) to make sure there is not a nearby hitpoint that wasn’t visible due to the zoom scale, and there has never been one.

quick update – working on the project now – seems like the majority of the time (the vast majority) it moves the MIDI note or notes selected AWAY from the visible hitpoint in the MIDI editing window – the grid I mean.

Is the visible grid really displaying the groove that I captured? Is it actually quantizing to the groove but it’s not represented visually? The grid in the MIDI editing window looks slightly irregular to me which makes me think that it IS the captured groove (i.e. not all gridlines for 16th notes are evenly spaced).

ALSO: since I am currently having to “quantize” the MIDI manually – what a drag! – is there a quick keyboard command to nudge MIDI notes left or right, and can you customize the number of samples or time that the command moves the MIDI?

Maybe in your case the “max move” setting is too low. In my quantize panel, it’s default setting is 1/16 note. So the midi notes won’t move further than that. Try setting it to 4/4. Other solution is to turn on “Automatic MDI record quantize” on the transport bar or MIDI record mode. But that works only when playing MIDI notes after you set the quantize preset.