Problems with creating scrolling score video (music blurry)

Hi friends! I am pulling my hair out trying to create a crisp scrolling score video. At first, I tried exporting the score as high quality .tiff files. I then imported them into Final Cut Pro and synced the audio. When I exported the video, the music was blurry, even when exported at 4K. So, I downloaded Screenium 3 and tried to capture a high quality video of Dorico’s scrolling playback. The video looked good in Final Cut, but once again, the exported video was blurry. I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong at export. When I exported scores in Sibelius, they looked great. I feel like there must be some settings that I am not enabling when exporting. So many of you have created beautiful scrolling scores. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you, Dorico family!

It’s been eons since I’ve used FCPX, but according to this article, you can import PDFs which should give you a better result since they are vector files. Clearly there are some compression artifacts being introduced when you export normal image files. (And to be fair, normally image files aren’t meant for rendering b/w documents this way, but rather complex images where these types of artifacts probably wouldn’t be noticeable normally.

FWIW, I use PDF’s in Camtasia and get perfectly crisp results, so it can be done. I’m just not sure about how FCPX will render the PDFs.

Thanks, Romanos! I actually tried using PDF files for my very first attempt at this, but they were even blurrier than using the .TIFF files. I must be missing something during the export process. I’ll take a look at Camtasia too!

There has to be some setting that needs tweaking…. I edited one of my videos in fcpx a few years ago and put a score on screen for part of it and it was clear. Can you share a screen shot of your export setting options?