problems with crossfading

as the title suggests I have a couple of projects that won’t let me crossfade! if I press X nothing and if I goto the audio menu it just has crossfade “greyed” out? it works on most of my projects but just not on a select few! I’ve tried downloading the windows update"I have cubase artist 6" and still its the same? mmmm? any tips/ideas? did I press somthing by mistake to turn it off? mmm
would be very greatful for your help? :slight_smile:

Overlap the parts, click on the part on the right, hit X. Does it work?

nope! :frowning:

Dealing with a part and an event?

all I’m trying to do is crossfade one guitar take with another and trying to take the “clip” out! usually its just an “X” job but on this(and another) project its just not having it??? :frowning:

Try bouncing the two parts,choosing to replace events and the X fading.

nope still the same however! crossfades is now highlighted but It won’t put a crossfade in??? should I move all the midi/audio to a new project? or shall I uninstall then re-install cubase?

Are you sure there is enough audio to actually create overlapping events?

mmmm good point! :-p if not how else can I get rid of the “clips” other than crossfading?

by jove I got it! :slight_smile:
audio-dissolve parts and then re crossfade everything! :slight_smile:

oh and thanks you guys for your help! :slight_smile: