Problems with Cubase 11 inputs 3&4 when recording drums


I have RME UFX+ and asp 880 8-channel preamp. I connected preamp to RME to channel 1-8. I get signal for all channels in Cubase 11, except for channel 3&4 on which I have snare top and bottom. I pressed F4 and set inputs correctly for all 8 channels. Also when I work outside cubase I get all the signals in Total mix of RME. Weirdly enough I don’t get any signal for input 3&4. What could be issue here?
I emailed RME support and I got this message: “I’m afraid the issue isn’t quite clear, but Totalmix is in no way involved in recording. The signal goes straight from the input to the application.”

Is there any email support for cubase also?

Thanks for help.

So you have gone in the connections menu and made sure that on the inputs you have all 8 set up on the left and to the right the correct rme input assigned to them? It has to be here or you are not assigning the right input to the audio tracks. I was setting this up with a friend last week with a focusrite which had 16 inputs and he was getting them wrong all the time. You have to double check when you change one in connections it doesn’t have a knock on effect.

Thanks for your reply. I pressed F4 in cubase and set connection properly. Mono 1-8 on left equald analog 1-8 on right (see picture I posted) It’s so weird cause like I said snare on Total mix works.

That is odd. Have you tried deleting the preferences file to see if something is causing this.

Seems really weird. Maybe try switching the ports and see if the behavior stays? Like putting the snare mikes on input 5+6?

Hey guys. I corrected it! so happy… :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

My friend halped me. We couldn’t figure out quickly… but then he saw that I had loopback on channel 3&4 in total mix. That’s was the reason.

Thanks all for help.

Yes that would do it. I never thought of that.