Problems with Cubase 11 pro , Protected Object Server 32 bit , and Reason 12

Hi everybody ,
I’m having some problems with Cubase 11 pro shutting down when Reason 12 is used as a plugin.
Can anyone confirm this may be a bug? I uninstalled Cubase 11 , uninstalled reason 12 , I ran Administrator , Cleaned out cubase and reason folders . Updated elicenser software. I did not have this problem with Reason 11 at all. I did everything that i can possibly think of at this point. I have no dump file because it’s not crashing the cubase program just keeping it from closing.

Here’s specs
Intel I7
32 gigs of ram
Windows 10 pro 20H2 OS build 19042,1237

Thanks for any help you guys can offer !

Uploading: Cubase11.DMP…


Is Reason running as ReWire or as VSTi, please?

Once you get to the state, could you generate a DMP file from the Task Manager and share a link to the DMP file, please?

Hi Martin, Thank you for getting back to me.
Reason 12 is VST 3 now.

Here’s the link to Cubase.DMP Download link for Cubase11.DMP

I placed Reason 11 back in Cubase 11 and it works fine. It seems that the problem is with Reason 12 at this point. Hopefully someone can confirm this ?

Hey Everyone,
Just in case anyone had problems with Reasons Vst 3 , propellerhead came out with an update that
fixes the issue where closing cubase 11 pro Reason 12 hangs .


I have the same Problem with Cubase 12 and Reason 12 12.2.5 as a plugin
Cubase hangs on exit and I haft to go to task manager to close it. after that I haft to
RESTART the computer as it causes other issues.


Do you have the latest Cubase 12.0.10 installed, please?

Hi Martin ,

No i did not upgrade to Cubase 12 yet .
Reason 12.2.5 works fine with Cubase 11.

Yes 12.0.10. everything on the computer is the very latest I only have Cubase
and Reason on the computer The UR824 with the latest Tools and driver a Yamaha
KX49 with the latest midi driver I only use Reason no other plugins

Hi @iRan ,

Could you please attach the DMP file?

Yes I will get back to you with it just need a little time when I can

Were or how do i send this I tride uploading it but its more then 4 MB

If you put the dump file in a zip archive, you should be fine.


Share it via Dropbox or similar service, please.