Problems with Cubase 6 and Aggregate Device


I’m a Mac user, making the move from Logic back to Cubase (I say back but the truth is the last time I used Cubase Audio it was a non-Audio version!) While working with Logic, I was using Apple’s Aggregate Device function, linking together 1 Apogee Ensemble Unit and 2 MOTU 2408 units - and it was all recognised and worked perfectly. With Cubase 6, however, it’s a different story…

If, on the VST Audio System page, I set the ASIO driver to the Ensemble Unit and the click on the unit itself, I can see all the ins and outs just as they should be. The same goes if I set the ASIO driver to PCI-424 (for the MOTU units) - again, all present and correct. However, if I set the ASIO driver to “Aggregate Device” I get missing ports (Ensemble), duplicated ports (MOTU), an extra port (MOTU) and renamed ports (Ensemble).

I contacted the guys at Apogee who replied swiftly but were unable to help, saying that the Ensemble Unit didn’t support the Aggregate Device function. As Apogee and Apple obviously work very closely together I find that a bit bizarre - but anyway…

Has anyone managed to get the Aggregate Device function working with Cubase and if so, is there any advice you can pass on as to how to set it up?

I’d appreciate any help - many thanks.

• MacPro 3,1
• Quad Core Intel Xeon, 2.8 Ghz
• 24 GB Ram
• Hitachi 1TB HD x2
• Logic Pro 9.1.3
• Apogee Ensemble, MOTU 2408 x2
• MOTU Midi Express 128 x2

Suggest you post this to the Cubase 6 forum…

Thanks Steve - I’ll do that.