Problems with Cubase LE 4 and MIDI set-up

hi there; im a first time forum user.

i bought a lexicon lambda last week, and i have a microkorg XL.

i have connected midi in and out from the korg to the opposite in/out in the lambda, and the usb connection into my laptop running cubase LE 4.

i have also got a vocal mic connected into the mic 1 input of the lambda.

i have followed all the manuals/tutorials available, outlining VST connections and MIDI device set ups, but can’t get it to function properly.

i have a stereo output, and also a stereo input (as well as two seperate mono inputs).

i have set up my microkorg as the MIDI device, and i have set the lambda as the ASIO sound card.

i can see the keyboard triggering (when the bar moves when i hit the keys), but even trialling several VSTi’s i can’t produce a sound, nor can i hear the click tracks.

i can hear audio coming through the vocal mic, but i can’t record it.

i’m also having trouble producing tracks through the Key and Drum editor, but this is probably related to my MIDI troubles.

any help or assistance would be greatly appreciated!

cheers, joey.

Hi Joey,

The first thing I recommend that you do is to open a brand new Cubase project, then use the File Imort function and import an existing wav file or mp3 from your hard drive into Cubase. Then hit the play button to check that the imported file plays back OK throught the Lambda. This step will make sure that your VST audio system is working correctly.

You might want to check that the monitor knob on the Lambda is not set hard to “direct” so you can hear what’s coming out from the computer also.

okay cheers! i will definately check this out.

as for the midi set-up i had a thought to check all the settings in the microkorg XL itself; ive since set them to what i believe is the correct settings but no luck.

if there is someone who has or is using a microkorg at the moment, some advice in utilyzing its midi capabilities would be greatly appreciated; thanks!