Problems with Cubase LE 5 and Tascam US-1800

I just picked up a tascam US-1800 and installed Cubase LE 5 that came with it. I’ve imported one stereo file I need to add some keys to, and when I play it back I get intermitttent static-y pops. When I check my CPU usage it’s barely at 2%, but keeps redlining when it makes the noise. The noise only happens on playback but I’ve noticed that even when it’s not playing back the CPU overload light blinks occasionally.

I’ve got the most up to date Tascam drivers installed, and I\ve messed with the latency settings to no avail. I’m barely making the computer break a sweat so I don’t understand what’s going on.

I’m using a laptop with an AMD quad core A10, 8 gigs of ram and windows 8. I’ve switched it to high power mode as well.

Any ideas what it could be?

Thanks in advance.

slothsloman: Have you tried emailing Tascam about this :question:
I’m not so sure the Tascam US-1800 and drivers work with Windows 8.
Being a Tascam user myself I’m not upgrading to
Windows 8 for a while.

Maybe someone else here has Ideas for ya :slight_smile:

Jack :smiley: :smiley:

I had this problem the first time I set this up on a Win7 system. Most of what I found was due to latency. I have a dual proc laptop with 8GB of RAM. I thought I had plenty of horsepower but did some tweaking. Latency is usually a result of your computer having problems handling the USB input and other process going on. One thing I learned many moons ago is to set your page file or Virtual Memory manually. Don’t let Windows manage as it will affect the performance while it is managing it. It affects the disk subsystem performance which ultimately effects your ability to record clean tracks. I won’t get to techy as I don’t know where you are in this realm.

Go to System Properties, Advanced, Performance. Click on Settings, select Advanced. Find “Virtual Memory” section and click on “Change.” Uncheck "Automatically manage paging file size for all drives. Select your C: drive. Select “Custom Size.” Look at the bottom of this window and look where it says “Total Paging file size for all drives.” Use the value where it says “Recommended.” Go back to the “Custom Size” and enter the “Recommend” value notated below in the “Initial size (MB)” field. Enter the same in the “Maximum size (MB)” field. Click on the “Set” button. This will require a reboot. This will tell windows to reserve the “Recommended” amount of space on your hard drive to allocate. This will relieve windows from constantly managing the size. It also reserves space on the hard drive so it isn’t reading/writing data all over.

This has been a tried and true setting for improving Windows performance going way back. This single setting seemed to clear all pops and cuts in the recording. Also, make sure you’re AntiVirus isn’t scanning or if you have an automated backup running to pause or stop it.

Hope this helps!


@dboss i also have a us 1800 and le5, but running on vista with 4gb ram and all of a sudden after months of working this situation has popped up bad, before i was able to adjust the latency and fix it now that doesn’t even help.
The aios overloads on playback then I have no playback what so ever. So do you think your solution will work with vista also? thanks