Problems with Cubase Pro 9 Startup

Tried posting before, but don’t see my post anywhere, so I assume something went wrong…

My problem is this: Everytime I start up Cubase, it acts as if it’s the first time I start it. It asks which ASIO driver I want to use, the project window “Recent” items is empty, when entering Cubase it asks me to register (which I did the first time)

I upgraded from Cubase 8.5. Also noticed that it didn’t overwrite the old directories, but installed in a new directory (I just used the default settings - assumed the installation program would detect the previous version).

How do I fix this?


In the “Register” dialog, click to “Already Registered”.

Creating a new folder while upgrade from Cubase 8.5 to Cubase 9 is correct and expect behavior.

The thing is, I always click the “Already registered” dialouge - it doesn’t help. And it still asks me which ASIO driver I want to use - that’s the first thing that happens. And during startup, in the window where under “Recent” tab you’re suppose to have quick access to projects you’ve recently been working on, I have nothing. Since the upgrade I have started three or more projects, and none of them show up there.

Regarding Cubase 8.5 folder - does this mean I can uninstall Cubase 8.5? Was everything included when the Cubase 9 folder was created?


This could also mean your Cubase doesn’t quit properly and it actually always crashes while quit. This would cause the data is not stored and you run in to the first start again and again. Could you check if you can see crashdump files in the dedicated folder (Windows) or in the Console utility (Mac), please?

Yes, you can uninstall Cubase 8.5. Everything is included in Cubase 9 folder, or shared folder is used (which is not uninstalled).


Which is this dedicated folder? I’ve looked through both project folders and installation folders, but I’m not seeing any crash files…and the program doesn’t say or do anything at shutdown that would indicate it’s crashing

Hi again,

Think I fixed it. Did some googling, found out that the thing with “Recent” i was talking about is called the Hub, found out that it can be deactivated in Preferences. So I did that, and then activated it again, and Voila…projects in Recent tab, and when I enter cubase there is no talk of registering or choosing ASIO drivers.