Problems with Cubasis Project Importer

I have an iPad Pro 12.9 from 2020 with 256GB, an iMac with macOS 11.6.2 and Cubase Elements 11.
I transferred the individual tracks from a multi-track recording of a concert to the iPad as WAV files and distributed them to separate tracks in Cubasis, so that I could work with them quite well on the iPad.
I then transferred the finished project to the Mac via iTunes file sharing and imported it into Cubase Elements.
(The other ways of transferring the files didn’t work at all, e.g. transferring them to a 256GB stick, the files were compressed as ZIP. It took at least an hour (the recording is 2.5 hours long and has 7 tracks) and at the end there was an error message: The zip file could neither be extracted nor imported into Cubase. The file format of the stick is ExFAT.
Transferring the files to the computer via the network did not work either because the iPad went to sleep and then stopped copying.
After importing into Cubase, the groups were missing, the reverb device in the effects track, and although everything was at 48 KHz (the sound files and the project) and the BPM on the iPad and the Mac are set identically, the recording is going well too slow, in any case all tracks sound too deep. In addition, there are constant noises to be heard, similar to scratches on the record, but these occur regularly.
What can I do?
Thanks & greetings Wolfgang

Hi @ebussinetz,

Thank you for your message.

Please note to extract your zipped file, before importing it to Cubase via the Cubasis Project Importer extension.

Where possible, Cubasis projects are loaded with its similar settings in Cubase.

Since Cubasis and Cubase are different applications, there can be exceptions to this (e.g. Cubasis does not support VST, Cubase does not support AU, included and 3rd party instruments and effects differ etc.).

Nevertheless the imported audio and MIDI tracks should be somewhat similar, when being imported with Cubase. Please make sure that the project settings in Cubase are similar to those in Cubasis.

Hope that helps.

Stay safe
& best wishes,