Problems with custom quarter tone accidentals

I use Matthew Hindson’s “Accidentals” font and am having issues adding a couple of the ones I need. I was able to add a backwards flat symbol successfully, but when I try to add a single line sharp for quarter tone sharp or a three-line sharp symbol for 3/4 sharp, I click the glyph I want at the right hand side of the screen, but the incorrect glyph appears in the grid. Can’t find anything on the forum and not sure how to proceed.

(Also, how can I request those symbols as a native feature? Backwards flat, backwards-and-forwards flat, single-line sharp, 3-line sharp are the most standard quarter tone symbols in the US as far as I know)

Welcome to the forum, FinaleMakesMeCry (I know how you feel). I think the accidentals you’re looking for are basically the Stein-Zimmermann ones, which you’ll find in Bravura if you look for the ‘Stein-Zimmermann accidentals (24-EDO)’ category when you’re editing your accidentals.

Hi Daniel, thanks so much! Exactly what I was looking for. Cheers!

Another quick question about this - how do I save a custom tonality system like this for use across files? “Save as default” doesn’t seem to be doing that for me unless I’m doing something wrong.

When you do ‘Save as Default’ it saves it in such a way that it will automatically be added to any new project you subsequently start, but at the moment there’s no way of importing/exporting this data between projects (though that is of course planned). If you have an existing project in which you want to use this new tonality system, first create a new project (which will contain that tonality system) then use File > Import > Flows to import the flow(s) from your existing project into the new one. Now you have both your new tonality system and the existing flow(s) in the same project, and you can go on from there.

Ah, I see - many thanks, Daniel!