Problems with dynamics aligning in condensing mode


To avoid double dynamics (as in picture 1), I grouped dynamics separately (see picture 2, blue group and orange group…the crescendo following the pp is not grouped). I aligned the dynamics in engrave mode, but when I turn on condensing, the result is picture 3. The culprit is the ungrouped crescendo, but I don’t see another option, if I don’t want to double dynamics. Is there a way for me to fix the alignment of the dynamics automatically?
Thank you!

I think the problem is not the grouping, but the fact that one part has a rest while another has a crescendo. There isn’t, as far as I know, a way to tell Dorico to ignore the former and just print the latter for everyone when condensing.

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Thank you for your response.

That is why I grouped before and after the crescendo. In picture 3, there aren’t double dynamics, I just can’t get the aligning to work. I am guessing that it is impossible to do automatically because it is a rogue crescendo.