Problems with E-Lisencer/UR824


I hope I’m posting in the correct forum. I recently bought the 824 and am using Studio One Pro with it. Everything’s been great so far except I can’t activate the REV-X reverb and Sweet Sport Morphing Channel Strip effects. I don’t have the USB; I have the e-liscenser. When I log in, I get error messages, saying the liscenses aren’t there…

Anyone else have trouble with this? Any ideas about a fix or who to contact?

Thanks in advance!


Hi Andy

You have to run the dsp software that comes with the 824, that’s how you access the “hardware” versions of the FX. I would think that to license the software(VST) versions you do it via the elicencer using “ELCC.exe” I think it is. Did the package come with license codes for the plugins? I’m not sure as I use Cubase, It all just seemed to happen automatically!!

Best Regards