Problems with eLCC, SX3 and CA6.5

Hi all, getting increasingly frustrated with the way today is going. The first 4 hours of failure I could handle, I stuck with it and kept trying to find a solution…but my patience is wearing thin.

Following the advice of several posts in this forum, I located and downloaded Cubase SX3.1 so I can convert my legacy Cubase VST5 .SNG and .ARR files into .CPR files for CA6.5

So far I have been unsuccessful. Once installed, SX will not launch due to the eLCC not verifying a valid license, despite the popular notion that current licenses being valid for earlier versions.

Following the advice of another post, I uninstalled eLCC and retrograded to the version that shipped with SX3.1

Of course this failed and LCC5 has no knowledge of CA6.5 and will not recognize the license.

Next I tried eLCC 6.0.4 this being the earliest archive of the eLCC available, again following the advice elsewhere in this forum. SX still failed to launch.

So I uninstalled LCC5 and SX3.1 and went back to eLCC 6.5, the most recent version, and installed SX3.1 again. This caused a new set of errors from eLCC, the Syncrosoft libraries are missing.
Screen shot 2012-11-27 at 1.41.13 PM.png
Now however, I get errors running the eLCC maintenance script. The process keeps timing out and failing to update the database. I’m not sure how critical this is but it makes me wonder what is going on. CA6.5 launches and runs just fine so it has not affected anything there, yet.
Screen shot 2012-11-27 at 2.00.32 PM.png
Screen shot 2012-11-27 at 2.00.39 PM.png
But the problem trying to get SX to run so I can migrate my VST5 songs over to OSX persists. Can anyone shed any light with a reliable method to achieve this?

MacPro 3,1 (2008 8-core)
OSX 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard)
Cubase Artist 6.5.4
eLCC 6.5.2

But not for lower versions. You can not run SX3 with an Artist 6 license. As I wrote already in your other post.
Also SX 3 is how old now? 8-10 Years? I don´t know much about Macs, but even on Win 7 it´s seems onlyx possible with workarounds to install it.

Hey, sorry, I wrote this before I saw your post on the other thread. My eLCC is still behaving wonky, but I am downloading the installers for SL and SE now so I’m sure that will take care of part of the problem.

Also, its a good point about the age of SE/SL/SX. It will probably be worth booting up my Tiger (10.4) box and try installing on that. And believe it or not, I have been running an OS9 box just to keep VST5 running all these years. So much money invested in software that it has taken me this long to fully migrate over. Glad I am doing it though, because CA6.5 is (quite obviously) leap years ahead and much more fun to work in. I miss Waves and GRM Tools still and have to dip back into VST5 for those. it will be a while until I upgrade those as well.

Thanks for all the guidance, and your patience :slight_smile:


Uninstalling and reinstalling everything was the solution. Not a huge load of fun, but it got me there.

My entire workflow for getting thru this is detailed in another thread FWIW