Problems with eLicenser

Hi there, i’m on my Mac Pro running Yosemite. It annoys for some time now that i have to have my eLicenser Control Center open in order for the licenses to be validatet. If i don’t do so i get an error fx on ReFX Nexus that no license was found. Why is that? But when i have my control center open it works fine. Can anyone help me figure out what is happening?


This is a known issue of the current eLCC. There was a fix in eLCC 6.12, but this one has been removed, because other serious issue there.

Hopefully we will se another eLCC 6.12 update soon.

For now, the workaround is just to start eLCC application and keep it running for the whole time.

Did it really work if we keep eLicenser open? With me, it doesn’t change anything. Always error messages! Impossible to work with Cubase!