Problems with Export midi file

I use the drum editor to create a rythm midi track with Hallion Sonic used with the drum GM kit 129 on the slot one.
All things are ok! exept when I export this track on a file with the export midi file menu:
The file is created but when i listen it with my pc or with my yamaha synthe I just hear a piano song !
I see that when I load this file with the Cubase import midi file menu, the new track is labeled (on the left) with “piano”
and that I hear piano again as I hope drum songs!
How can I write the necessary informations on my origin drum track in order to “say” that i’m using a GM drum kit ?
My Cubase version is Cubase AI Element 7.

I hope reading you,

For Generic MIDI you would likely need to set the output of the track to MIDI channel 10, as that is commonly the channel for drums in MIDI. What happens with the MIDI would depend on the Sound Module though.

However, if you are trying to hear the actual audio from Halion Sonic SE, I would suggest doing a File, Export, Audio Mixdown, and making a .wav file. I hope this information is helpful.