Problems with Exporting - Window reopens

Hey there,

when I want to export my .midi-file to a wav/wmv format here is what happens:

  1. I click on “actions” - “export” - “audio-mixdown”.
  2. Then the windows opens, I type in the name, the format, the saving location and then I press export.
  3. The window closes and this status bar pops up, remains at 0% and closes itself again.
  4. The window from step 2 opens again and nothing happened. No data rest or anything in the saving location or anywhere else.
  5. Step 3-4 keep repeating themselves.

Thanks for your help.


hi philipp32,

i have almost same problems. how does one export Cubase wmv and midi files that will allow other Daws like, Powertracks, Cake walk and Sonar to open? Look forward to receiving answers.