Problems with freezing AudioLayer AUv3 sampler tracks and mixdown

I use:

  • iPad Pro 2020 512 gb
  • iPadOS 15.1
  • Cubasis LE 3.3.1 + Cubasis Full Feature Set
  • AudioLayer 1.4.0

I’m trying to use the track freeze function when using the AudioLayer AUv3 sampler, but various problems arise:

  • The track is not completely frozen (only part of the sounds appear on the audio track)
  • The track does not freeze (the audio track is empty)

In this situation, samples may disappear from AudioLayer. In rare cases, freezing is successful.

The same situation is with the mixdown of the project. Tracks with other instruments are heard in the mix, and the track with AudioLayer does not sound immediately, or it is not in the mix at all.

When using the “Real-Time Mixdown and Freeze” function, the track freezes with distortion.

I also tried using the “Track Freeze Uses Mixdown Settings” function - it doesn’t help.

Please watch a detailed video with a demonstration of the problem:

Hi @Artem,

Thanks for your message and a warm welcome to the Cubasis forum.

Your bug report has been share with the team.
We will soon get back to you.

& stay well,

Hi @Artem again,

We are able to reproduce the problem and will exchange with VirSyn about the issue.

In the meantime, please give the following workaround a try:
Make sure to set “Audio Engine Latency” to “OFF” when using the “Real-Time Mixdown and Freeze” option, which should result in distortion-free results.

We will get back to you once we have news about it.


Thanks! I’ll be waiting for news.

Hi @Artem,

Virsyn replied to me and will further check the problem.