Problems with Gapless Export of Audio Montage

Hi All,

After having done a bunch of research and trying to figure this out, I’m stumped, so I’m coming to you for some collective wisdom. I’m basically trying to prepare an album for online release (physical version is working fine). The album is continuous audio, and should end up as multiple tracks with gapless playback.

I have a montage consisting of one long audio file, into which I initially put CD splice markers, and then exported the CD tracks to audio (have tried tried various formats, mostly wav). Some transitions play back fine in media player, others have little audible glitches at the ends of the files, that aren’t visible when I re-import the files into Wavelab.

I’ve since rendered a mastered and dithered version of the file, and split it at all the splice markers, putting in tiny fade ins and outs to ensure that everything is at zero crossings. Still having problems.

Is there a fail-safe way of doing this? Am I missing something?


Some common techniques to avoid these things are to make sure the CD track marker is at zero crossing if there is overlapping audio, and/or directly on a CD frame if the problem is also occurring on CD players.

There is a shortcut in the CD Wizard to quantize CD track markers to frames (be sure to uncheck all other options if all you want to do is quantize markers to CD frames).

Certainly players will react differently to gapless audio.