Problems with Groove Agent SE4. Uninstall/reinstall?

I posted a few days ago and got no response. GA SE4 loads and works fine in a new project or upon reopening an old project IF it’s the first project opened after start-up. However, it threatens to crash the program if I open a project again with an instance of GA SE4 in it. I have to shut Cubase down and restart. I’ve installed the trial of Groove Agent full version and it doesn’t experience the same problem. Nobody else on the whole internet seems to have this issue, I cannot contact Cubase directly (living in Japan, and there’s no option to talk to a person here), and I cannot elicit help from anybody. Nothing seems to help.I’ve joined all the major Cubase facebook pages, and nobody has any answers.

So my question is this: I want to do a fresh install by uninstalling Cubase and then put the project folders and audio folders back. Will the new install recognize my project files and VSTs? I have hundreds of songs and I’d hate to lose them.

Thank you very much in advance and sorry for my obvious frustration. When you pay hundreds of dollars and can’t use the product, and can’t contact any human about the issue, it becomes quite maddening.


I have a similar program
after the upgrade GA4 loads but not with all the presets.
also Loopmesh files are missing also.

I have been upgrading since 7.5