Problems with Group Channel Tracks

I’m having some problems with group channel tracks.

1st problem: I deleted the Group Channel Track for my live drums. Now whenever I press “solo” on any one of the individual live drum tracks, it ALSO mutes the MASTER (stereo out).
These are the only tracks that behave in this way.
It makes no sense (as well as serves no purpose, that every time I go to solo a track, the master gets muted).

2nd problem: Two of my group tracks somehow got linked together. When I solo or mute one, the same thing happens to the other. But they are NOT linked in the LINK menu. Also, when I have them selected together, it gives me the option to link them together, further proving that they are not supposed to be linked. But they are behaving that way. When I solo one, the other one solos with it.

Anyone know what’s going on here?

Thanks for any help.


1st problem. I’m not sure why it happened, but I created a new group channel track for the drums and it fixed it. Maybe it it was happening because the outputs of the individual drum were set to the deleted drum group? Makes sense (I think).

2nd Problem. I checked the outputs and apparently my synth group track was outputing to my guitar group track, causing them to solo together.
Problem solved.

100% pilot error. Still learning the ropes with how Cubase handles groups/links. ect… vs Protools, which is where I’m coming from.