Problems with Halion instruments - Shall I use the forum in place of the official support?

I have asked for some basic support concering a problem with some Halion instruments about two weeks ago, but nobody at Steinberg seems to be interested to have a look at it. Yes, they are busy, but my time is precious as well. I have seen many similar complaints in this forum, is nobody at home ?

Thus, here is my simple question again: I downloaded and activatived some instruments on my PC, with a lot of Steinberg programs on it, and they run without problems and they also appear in the Download Assistant under my product downloads.
However some of these instruments do not show up in the Activation Manager and I cannot use them on my (quite similarly configured) laptop i.e. they remain unlicensed. How can I get them into the Activation Manager and activate them on that laptop ?

What Instruments are you talking about? Can you name them please?

Seems like you need to buy them. The Activation Manager Shows only licenses you have bought.

Thanks for taking care.
Two of the instruments are “Ambient Lounge” and “Anima Wavetable”. They both appear in my product downloads after I activated and the also run on my PC. However, they do not show up in the Activation Manager.
They also appear in my product downloads on my (nearly equaivalently configured) laptop and I have installed them using the download assistant but this time they cannot be activated.
Finally, yes, of course, they are either properly bought or they came for free with my Steinberg hardware (aka Steinberg Plus).

Is there anything I could do to get an answer ? I was assuming that this were a trivial question for a seasoned user of Halion.