problems with Halion Symphony Orchestra

:smiley: Hello, i am new on this forum

When I try to open HSO on cubase 7, I can see it appears on the VST track, but with no sound
I have moved the content folder in a other way, and re locate it on plug informations.
But its ever the same thing, nothing.
If somebody have an solution, I am very grateful.

Aloha v,

After reading your post I went to
the MySteinberg site and looked under
the ‘Products’ tab and HSO is not even listed.

Perhaps it has been discontinued and is no longer
supported in C7.

But there are many ‘not supported’ things that users have gotten
to work anyway.

Perhaps someone will chime in with an answer.

And ma bad!

HSO is still available for purchase and even tho’
I could not find it on the My Steinberg site I was able
to access it from the Steinberg hub.

It is only $99 and as long as the probs you posted
are all sorted I might grab it.

Tanx for your post.


Bummer for me.

I went to buy it but since I am on a Mac,
HSO is only compatible with Mac OSX 6-7

I am using OSX 8.

Oh well. I was excited for a short while.

HSO must be compatible with C7 cos it was shipped with the Cubase 5 to 7 upgrade that I purchased.

Hi’ HSO is in HSSE or HS ONLY! in cubass 6,7.

Many of the HSO programs depend on the use of the modulation wheel on your MIDI controller for volume crescendos & decrescendos.

If you grab the mod wheel to the left of the HSO player keyboard on your computer, and dial it up you probably will hear the sounds your are missing up until now.