Problems with HalionOne

Cubase sometimes fail to load HalionOne for some reason. Like, I’ll have an instrument track with HalionOne inserted, and then all of sudden it will not load HalionOne when the project is opened, neither does anything happens if I try to manually reload HalionOne.

This has happened with at least two different discs and several times. Any theories?

I am on OSX 10.5.8 and Cubase

When things like this happen, trashing Prefs is the first route.

Aloha snokdogg,

Altho’ I use C5 and OS 10.6.6, I some times get this behavior from HAO as well.
My only work-a-round is to quit and re-start the programme.

Not a major prob in the studio but on a live gig, this can become a real issue.

All other plugs load fine every time. Both Steinberg and 3rd party.

I first notice this waaaaay back when the Universal Sound Module was introduced.
Most times it would load properly and other times not.
Other Steinberg plugs at the time (VB-1/Tonic/etc) did not exhibit this behavior.

Maybe the same ‘loading’ prob ‘jumped’ from the USM and into HAO.


Thanks! But why does this happen?

This keeps happening. It is f’****** irritating. Is there not a permanent way to fix this?