Problems with HSO on my new pc and C7

Hi all :slight_smile:

I hope someone can help me out, after looking around the forum before posting I was unable to find a solution. I have a new pc. I7 quadcore processor and 32 gig of ram. Win7 64bit Pro. Running Cubase 7 64 bit. I bought the upgrade version from 5 to 7.

Upon installing HSO it works as a standalone ok. But when going to add vst instrument from the devices menu the screen freezes. I’ve tried numerous reinstalls.

Also, the Cubase 7 upgrade I got did come with a HSO trial disk, but the previous HSO I got when purchasing Cubase 5 is the one that I’m trying to install, cos that’s the one I have a full license for on my dongle. Like I said, the screen just hangs and the once HSO did load I wasn’t able to do anything with it. Volume controls etc were unworkable, sounds wouldn’t load.

Any ideas?

Many thx in advance for your help :slight_smile:

I am having the same problem. I found this on youtube i hope it helps
it is not on Cubase 7 but …

Is there any reason you hold on to the old HSO player application? Your old license is good for the new HSO sound set you got with C7, so you can just install and run it inside HALion Sonic SE. This way everything will work just fine.

Wait a sec.

This is the question I just asked, and was told that you needed to upgrade to HALion main version in order to use the soundfonts from HSO.

Can someone confirm if an owner of HSO full can use their samples inside of HALion Sonic SE? I would like to believe that Steinberg has allowed SOME sort of way to use the samples from HSO since it’s own interface is dead.

Neither 16-bit HSO samples sold together with C5 nor those of a full boxed version that were both 16 and 24-bit are suitable for running in HSSE. The former product lets you use its license with the newer HSO sound set developed for HSSE . The latter, as far as I know, doesn’t. In any case, you can’t just use the old HSO samples in HSSE. You have to get that newer sound set developed for HSSE at the time of C6 release first.

When you say “the previous HSO I got when purchasing Cubase 5” do you mean you bought the license for a 16-bit version of HSO that came with C5 or an HSO version that was was sold separately in a box and included both 24 and 16-bit samples?

Hi all, many thx for your replies.

The Version of HSO I’ve been trying to load came bundled with Cubase 5, on two disks. I didn’t buy it seperately. I’ve used this set of disks because that is the one I have a full license for on my dongle.

Ok, I also have HSO on one disk that came bundled with the C7 upgrade, so I’ll try that instead.

I do not have HSSE.

Thx for your advice :slight_smile:

You do have HSSE (HALion Sonic SE ) if you’re running C7, as it is part of C7 installation package.

Thanks for confirming.

Tracking from HSO is kinda fun in an old school way anyways. I keep telling myself that and it’ll be fine.

OK, yeah, I see it now. Thx very much for your help people!