Problems with Komplete in Cubase 6.0.2

I have just purchased Komplete and added al the available updates.
However Komplete is very unstable in Cubase. Instruments will freeze although I can often change presets with the up/down arrows.
The preset lists within the instruments flicker like mad.
The Stand-alone’s work perfectly. So I wonder if this is a problem with Cubase?
I am wodering if I have made a mistake buying Komplete.
Funnily enough my separate versions of Absynth, FM8 and Guitar Rig work perfectly. (I purchased them separately)

You might think it was memory related bit I have 12 gig of RAM.
I run Intel PC 6x 3.4
Windows 7
12 gig RAM
3 x 1000 gig drives
RME Fireface uc soundcard

Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any helpful advice for the issue you are having. However, I just wanted to post and say today I discovered Reaktor 5 is terrible under Cubase 6. I get ASIO spikes like crazy to the point the synth is unusable. I also run Absynth 4, Massive, and basically every other Komplete instrument/software with no problems. Even a lot of instances of them. So far just seems to be Reaktor and I searched and it’s well documented. I’m going to try copying over my older revision of Reaktor 5 from my SX3 install later tonight and see if that works fine.


Wish people would give complete specs. :confused:

32 or 64 bit Cubase? 32 or 64 bit OS?

“Wish people would give complete specs.”

Sorry about that. I suppose that 12 gig of ram is not enough of a clue.
Yes I am running Cubase @ 64 Bit on Wndows 7 64

What I am interested in is does Absynth or FM 8 work when installed uner Komplete.
If they exhibit the sam kind of problems then could it be the intaller for Lomplete?

I think that I have solved the problem.
The install led to the 32 bit dll’s being used.
I located the 64 bit dll’s in the Native instrument folder in 64 bit program files.
Added the path in Plugin Info in Cubase.
Hey it seems to be working.
Thanks anyway.

You suppose right, installed RAM means nothing. Cubase’s bit bridge forces many to use 32 bit flavor among other things.

Glad you figures this out. From memory (I’m mobile) I think you can notic x86 (32bit) plugsby the little inverse // next to them in the VST menu when you add an effect or instrument.

Wow! I’m using Komplete 7, Cubase 6 32bit, Win 7 64bit on an HP dv9000 laptop with 4 gig of ram driving a RME FireFace 800, and I don’t have any of the issues you are!

As I am not able to confirm your issues…I would look for a possible misconfigured setup, such as maybe the wrong versions of the plug-ins (64 or 32 bit) in your VSTplugins folder with respect to your version of Cubase .

I don’t think so… There are so many other variables that could be the root of your issues.

I think once you isolate and solve your issue(s), you’ll be happy with your investment. If I can get these programs to run on what I think everyone would agree is a very modest setup, you should be very happy as far as performance when you get this sorted out!


Thanks for your reply MoPro. As you can see by an earlier post I have solved the problem.
You are quite right. Komplete is just what the Dr ordered.
A fantastic set of programs that will keep me happy for months.
What had confused me was that the 64 bit dlls were installed in a different location to where I was expecting.
I shall now go off and enjoy.