problems with KONTAKT 5 in cubase pro 8.5

hi everyone,
everytime i used the sample edit functions like CUT or CROP etc in kontakt5 and then try to save the whole project , cubase crashes down.
any idea?
thanks very much in advance

edit: native access says i’m using all the latest updates!, i also just updated cubase to the newest version

Would that be the samples inside Kontakt? Under the “Wave editor” menu in Kontakt? Trying to change the instrument sample itself? Or are you trying to make changes inside Cubase on something performed by Kontakt?
Please also fulfill your profile with your equipment as some errors are more likely to happen on MAC than PC or vice versa.

I thought this was fixed, but nope, just happens all the time. Still a huge problem, why is that such a hard bug to get rid off? Easy to reproduce. Just load a Kontakt 5, load a sample, not from a library but one of your own, edit something like reverse a sound, save your project, instant crash!

The same actions are stable in Kontakt standalone? What version of kontakt?

Cubase 8.5.15
Win10 latest updates, but that happened also with Win 7.
Newest Kontakt 5

Standalone kontakt? And what version?

no not standalone, thats why I wrote the Cubase version. To my knowledge this bug was never a problem with the standalone version

I have tested this and everything works perfectly here.

  • Open a new instance of Kontakt in Cubase.
    Double click for a new instrument.
    Load one sample into the new instrument.
    Reverse the sample.
    Save the instrument.

All OK. And this is inside the DAW and NOT stand alone.
Kontakt version 5-6-5
Cubase 8.5.20

Please always add your system information. It will really help people trying to help you and not have a bunch of unnecessary postings back and forth.

I’ve tried it on 3 other systems, all crash.
But sure:

My system: Win10 on an i7 6 core PC.
32 GB RAM. 64 Bit

Wait, you wrote save the instrument, that is exactly the only way how it wont resolve in a crash.
Do all the steps except for don’t save the instrument but just hit save the project.

I might try, but I really don’t see the need for it to work. I would not considder this a bug at all. You are closing the DAW when you have an unfinished instrument project inside. No wonder Cubase crashes. I wonder why you have the need to close Cubase with an open Kontakt project??? But I will try it out and let you know.

And BTW I always use Kontakt as stand alone when doing Kontakt Instruments or editing. Much “cleaner”.

Tried it out and YES Cubase crashes, if you say “NO” in the dialogue box that appears. If you say “YES” everything works fine. Not surprised though.

But it WILL save, including the track with Kontakt, event if you click “NO” in the dialogue box, of course not with the sample (that is what you just said no to). Youi will find your save and can open the project again. Perhaps a little cumbersome, but I regard this more on your hands than on Cubase.

I guess there are several ways you can provoke Cubase to crash. This is definitely one of them. This is not a bug or a least not a serious one. Just save the Kontakt instrument, or quit it without saving, and then save Cubase. Cubase will not understand the unfinished Kontakt project and I do not really see the need for it to do it either.

Well, there are many reasons why this is a serious bug, for once, if you have auto save enabled, which every one should have, you have a time bomb when it’s about to crash while you are working. Secondly, it’s not uncommon at all, to work on one sample with different edits, therefore I would need to save every thirty seconds if I want to be safe, save the instrument that is. But the worst part is, that the crash file Cubase creates, at least on my systems, cannot be opened, it says it was created with an earlier version and can not be opened.

I get your point on the auto save! +1 there.

However I would strongly recommend using Kontakt in stand alone when doing serious editing.

(On my MAC all saves can be opened, even the “crashed” ones).

Then it might be a PC problem, I only know of PCs.
Unfortunately editing in Standalone is a huge time killer. I need it in my DAW for sound design purposes, and for it to be rendered in place, often times I have also massive fx chains, and they heavily depend on the sample in Kontakt and in what way the sample is manipulated. That’s why this is a problem for user like me.

I will try the same procedure in Logic to see if it differs.

Logic (9 Pro) handles this very well. Same procedure without a crash. (However as you decline the sample save for Kontakt all work done to the sample is gone).

I tried this in Cubase 7 also. Unfortunately I am not able to load the latest version of Kontakt in Cubase 7. But I tried with Kontakt 4. Everything went well. The dialogue box does not appear. It just saves.

I then tried with Cubase 8.5 and Kontakt 4. Everything went well. I then tried with Cubase 8.0 and Kontakt 5. Everything went well.

So the problem lies within the combination of a new Cubase version (at least from 8.5.20 and perhaps from 8.5 and up) and a new Kontakt version. I do not know if it is from the birth of Kontakt 5 or just the newest version 5.6.5. As mentioned Logic handles the latest Kontakt version and Cubase 8.0 handles Kontakt 5, and 8.5 handles Kontakt 4.

I must mention that the latest Kontakt update made some instruments disappear. PlugInGurus Mega Macho Drums disappeared from the Library (but is accessible from the file system). Most (but not all) instruments made with Jeremiah Pena’s “Engine” does not work at all. It crashes Kontakt (both in DAW and stand alone). Same with a handful of other instruments for the full version of Kontakt. This bug has been reported by me to Native Instruments and all the developers I have found (approx 10). There is also a thread on this in this Cubase Forum.

It is a little hard to tell if it is a Cubase bug or a Kontakt bug. Most likely a Cubase bug since Logic handles it. I will write to a friend of mine to see if Logic x can do the procedure.

Great, or not so great, but thanks for trying all this!

Report from friend: Logic x handles this. No crash. I would suggest you write a full bug report for this.